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Howard Fast

April Morning

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 1961

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-2

Reading Check

1. Lexington, Massachusetts (Chapter 1)

2. Lamentations (Chapter 1)

3. Isaiah Peterkin (Chapter 1)

4. Joseph Simmons (Chapter 1)

5. Boiled pudding (Chapter 2)

Short Answer

1. Moses Cooper is hard on Alex. He criticizes him for his work, claiming he is slow to start and quick to finish. When Sarah confronts him and tells him Adam believes Moses does not love him, he recognizes that he is tough on Adam and resolves to ensure Adam knows he loves him. (Chapters 1-2)

2. Adam has doubts about his faith because of people who are unkind, like the deacon Isaiah Peterkin. Granny believes doubt is wrong, but Adam heard a Sam Adams Committeeman who claims doubt has virtues. (Chapter 1)

3. Joseph is estranged from his brothers because he did not approve of their scheme to invest in a slave ship. Adam admires Joseph for his moral fortitude in disowning his brothers. (Chapter 2)

4. Morality plays a significant role in the novel: Joseph Simmons rejected his family members for investing in the slave trade, Adam is frequently criticized for his doubts, and Levi is scolded for saying he wants to kill a “redcoat soldier.

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