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Howard Fast

April Morning

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 1961

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Discussion/Analysis Prompt

Explore Adam’s coming-of-age story during the Revolutionary War. Use the questions below to reflect on Adam’s experience and formulate discussion points and ideas that offer evidence of his maturation process.

  • How might Adam’s experience be different from other soldiers’ due to his age?
  • What events serve as a catalyst for Adam’s character growth?
  • How did Adam’s efforts in the Revolutionary War change him?
  • Should Adam have joined the war effort? Why or why not?

Teaching Suggestion: Students may find it beneficial to review definitions and examples of the coming-of-age concept before answering. Bulleted questions might serve as brainstorming starters before individuals create a written response. Once students have had a chance to respond, you might extend discussion to include the overall messages being conveyed by Adam’s experiences and the impact they on his emotional and psychological maturity.

Differentiation Suggestion: Students such as those with executive functioning learning differences who benefit from additional assistance with analysis may find it helpful to narrow their topic of discussion to Adam’s moral growth in the novel. How do his reactions and decisions show growth and development in values and ethical reasoning?

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