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Watt Key

Alabama Moon

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2006

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Essay Topics


The novel takes place in 1980. Consider the cultural, technological, and historical implications of setting the novel in a different decade. Would the general plot of Alabama Moon logically fit a more modern time? What about a time setting in the earlier in the 1900s? Use plot details to explain your ideas.


Consider Moon’s character attributes. In what ways do his traits and reactions reflect an average 10-year-old boy’s? Besides his refined survival skills like marksmanship, hunting, and trapping, what traits and reactions does Moon display that are unlike most boys his age? Reference specific scenes in your answer.


The novel is linear except for lengthy backstory retelling the last year of Pap’s life, which includes the discovery the hunting lodge and Pap’s accident. What impressions do you form about Pap, such as his character traits, from that backstory retelling? Do these impressions shift as Moon discovers more about Pap on his journey (such as information from Mr. Abroscotto and Uncle Mike), or are your initial impressions supported by what Moon eventually learns? Use details to support your response.

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