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Watt Key

Alabama Moon

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2006

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Chapters 41-51

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 41 Summary

Mr. Wellington wants to gather evidence and make a case for Moon to be cleared of the attempted murder charge he anticipates Sanders filing. He and Moon leave early and drive to the spot where Kit was rescued, stopping for sausage biscuits on the way. Mr. Wellington asks Moon to tell his story in detail while he records it, and Moon complies. They hike in, find the camp, and retrieve the pistol. Mr. Wellington takes photos of the camp, the log into which Moon fired two shots with Sanders’s pistol, and the place where Moon snared Sanders. He takes the shot log with them when they leave. Then he drops Moon off at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse—not Sumter County, where Sanders’s father is judge. Mr. Wellington says he will develop the photos and try to make a case to help Moon. Moon goes with a police officer, Officer Pete, to the county jail where other prisoners make harassing and cruel comments. He ignores them. He eats no dinner and asks Officer Pete about Wellington and the judge, but the officer knows nothing. Moon tries to sleep but feels intense loneliness.

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