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Ellen Hopkins


Fiction | Novel/Book in Verse | YA | Published in 2004

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Chapters 86-135

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 86 Summary: “Dad Asked Where I’d Been”

Kristina’s father has heard about Lynx. Although Lynx is out of critical danger, she is still in very bad shape with many broken bones. Recovery will be slow. Kristina and her father decide to go to McDonald’s for dinner.

Chapter 87 Summary: “One Hour”

Kristina finds herself unable to confide in her father, even though so much has happened in the last couple of days. She feels like she cannot discuss her emotions with him as he does not believe in love.

Chapter 88 Summary: “Instead We Returned to Small Talk”

Kristina reflects that she and her father have hardly talked for two hours total in the three weeks of her stay. Perhaps they have never learned the art of inter-family communication. Now all her father wants to know is if she and Adam had sex in his apartment. Kristina finds the question intrusive and voyeuristic.

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