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Markus Zusak

Bridge of Clay

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2018

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Love Is Omnipotent

Love is an undeniable force in Bridge of Clay, surpassing logic and reason at every opportunity. The characters find love in unexpected times and feel love even when harmed by others, showing how resilient people can be when they have love to sustain them. Every aspect of the novel’s plot is impacted by love, either familial or romantic. The fact that love exists in so many places despite grief, distance, and abandonment showcases that love is omnipotent.

Romantic love is repeatedly seen in the novel’s past and present sections. Michael Dunbar experiences two romantic loves that shape his future and enable the creation of the Dunbar family. Despite his earlier rejection by Abbey, Michael falls in love again with a woman who accepts him for who he is and welcomes the traumas that shape his perspective. Although it takes time, they bond over his history and are made stronger for it, empowering Michael’s healing from his past. Penelope is similarly empowered by love, driven by an attraction that blossoms into something more. Michael helps her find a sense of home again despite her years spent struggling in a new country. Their romance creates the foundation for their family, which although chaotic, is filled with love.

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