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Nora Raleigh Baskin

Anything But Typical

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2009

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Chapters 26-32

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 26 Summary

Jason thinks about his therapist’s instructions to maintain his composure when he walks into a new, crowded situation. He is amazed by the hubbub of the conference. There are people in costume, men acting out a battle with swords, and a lot of noise and lights. Jason fantasizes again about what meeting Rebecca will be like. This time he imagines she approaches him, smelling sweetly, and when she looks at him, he sees that she is blind. Jason is shocked out of his reverie by a man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. He covers his ears and counts to calm down. At the registration table, where his mother helps him write and adhere a sticky label name tag, he thinks of his last words to Rebecca: “Love, Jason Blake” (158). 

Chapter 27 Summary

Rebecca introduces herself to Jason and his mother. She smells sweet and reaches to shake his hand. He cannot bring himself to look at her. Elizabeth, Jason’s mother, asks Rebecca how she knows Jason. Rebecca explains their connection and they make small talk. Jason remains silent and avoids looking at Rebecca. He decides that this is the part of their romance where “boy loses girl” (163).