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Emily Giffin

All We Ever Wanted

Fiction | Novel | Adult | Published in 2018

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Chapter 26-Epilogue

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 26 Summary: “Nina”

Walter tells Finch to leave school for the rest of the day and to come back the next morning for his hearing. Nina calls Kirk and tells him to meet them back at the house. Nina arrives after both Kirk and Finch and demands that Kirk tell him the truth about everything, including the concert tickets. Kirk tries to tell Nina that it is not a big deal he bought them, but she yells at him for making their son a liar. They get into an argument. Nina accuses Finch of lying about Polly taking the picture and tells him that Kirk tried to bribe Tom. Nina quickly realizes that Finch already knows this, and she demands to speak to Kirk alone.

They get into an argument about Nina feeling as though she is a “trophy wife.” She tells Kirk that she wants a divorce. She also tells Kirk that she is upset about Finch not telling her the whole truth, when it appears as though he has told Kirk what actually happened. When Kirk does not put up a fight, she leaves and starts driving to Tom’s house.

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