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Supriya Kelkar


Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2017

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Chapters 22-28

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 22 Summary

Content Warning: This section of the guide includes discussions of violence.

At the Khadi Shop, only 10 others are present. Keshavji explains that the riots are spreading, becoming more violent and claiming to fight the British. He adds that some of the British worry that integrating Dalits into schools will lead to more violence. The police too have been more aggressive, using their lathis (wooden batons) to beat protesters and rioters. Ma insists that they continue on, even if they’re assaulted, and that nonviolence is the way forward.

When they leave, a police officer appears to arrest Ma for instigating riots because of Dalits. Keshavji tries to intervene but is arrested. He and Ma are pulled into a van, and Anjali is pushed to the ground. Her teacher appears and says that they must find her father because the police are after him too. However, Masterji stays with Anjali when Baba goes to help Ma.

Chapter 23 Summary

Baba’s attempts to get Ma out of prison are fruitless. The charkha sits in their hall, reminding Anjali of her mother’s absence. She shoves it, denting the wood. Baba reminds her of the story of Rani of Jhansi by showing Anjali a picture she drew as a child.