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Anna Todd


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2014

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Chapters 13-21

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 13 Summary

Monday is Tessa’s first day of classes, and she couldn’t be more prepared. She arrives early to her first class and meets Landon, an English major like her, who has a long-distance girlfriend named Dakota. Tessa and Landon are also in the same British Literature class together in the afternoon, along with Hardin, who arrives late. As Tessa leaves at the end of class with Landon and Hardin, she notices that the two boys seem to know one another but are not friends.

Chapter 14 Summary

On Friday, Tessa sees the pink-haired girl from the frat party, Molly, at the campus coffee shop. Molly invites Tessa to a party that weekend, telling her that Zed wants to see her, but Tessa declines. In British Literature, the professor announces that they will begin discussing Pride and Prejudice next week. Leaving class, Hardin ridicules Tessa for her love for Mr. Darcy, a character he calls “rude and intolerable” (47). As Hardin walks away, Noah calls, and Tessa feels slightly annoyed when he mentions that her mother was disappointed that she went to a party last weekend.

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