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Randy Ribay

After the Shot Drops

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2018

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Chapters 37-52

Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 37 Summary: “Bunny”

St. Sebastian’s is playing against Oak Hill. Bunny has to sit on the sidelines because of the pending investigation. The game is very close, but at the very end, St. Sebastian’s is ahead by two. Oak Hill attempts to make a three-point shot in the last second as the buzzer goes off. Bunny watches with dread to see if it will go in.

Chapter 38 Summary: “Nasir”

Wallace trudges up to Nasir’s room. Nasir is aware that Wallace is in big trouble because St. Sebastian’s beat Oak Hill 55-53, even without Bunny playing. Wallace lost a lot of money on this bet, which he owes to dangerous people. Nasir tries to convince him that everything will be okay, but Wallace insists it won’t. He and Wallace argue, and Wallace claims they are from two different worlds due to Nasir’s advantages like two loving parents and a stable household. Wallace leaves angrily.

Nasir’s dad comes in to tell him that he knows he wants to help Wallace, but Wallace is beyond help. His dad also encourages him to go congratulate Bunny on his team’s big win and provide moral support given the strain of the investigation. Nasir wonders if his dad would still love him if he knew what he had done to Bunny.

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