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Reyna Grande

Across A Hundred Mountains

Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2006

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Pages 180-219

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Pages 180-219 Summary

Adelina finally arrives at her mother’s village with the box of her father’s ashes. As she gets off the bus, she sees one of the passengers run to his mother and realizes she recognizes the older woman.

Adelina remembers the time Sebastian brought her to his mother’s sixtieth birthday party and introduced her to his family. Seeing Sebastian’s childhood home and meeting his family makes Adelina realize she can never tell Sebastian the truth about her own past. Because of this, Adelina ended her relationship with Sebastian.

After four weeks of living with Adelina, Juana decides to begin work as a prostitute, in order to get close enough to the coyotes to ask them about her father. Adelina helps Juana put on makeup and a tight dress. Juana meets her first client, one of the most popular coyotes in the area, at a hotel, but he tells her that he’s helped so many men cross the border, he wouldn’t know if one of them was her father. Later, Adelina says there must be something that makes Juana’s father unique, and Juana remembers Apá’s white rosary with heart-shaped beads.

Adelina’s boyfriend, Gerardo, often comes over to the apartment. Gerardo is violent and rude to Adelina, but Adelina insists that she is in love with him and one day he will change.

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